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Little Simz - Stained Subconsciousness MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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[little simz]
oh, you should know that i got you, don't trip
insecurities differ, i know
but this the life that we live nah
don't be quick to make judgments
hallucinating on trips, d-mn
who's mind did i trigger?
simz, i'm just in need of one picture [?]
limbs drowning all that liquor, liver weak… breathe
take time, how the f-ck can i make time
when everybody wants a piece of me?
everybody should believe in me
i wish i could of met eazy-e but maybe in the next life
true i'm adjusting mine, trusting signs that corrupt your mind
come follow me, follow me
i'm part of the minorities called the anomalies
i'm sorry that you doubted me but i don't need an apology
all i need is a little peace of mind
you feed 'em lies and they believe it
am i the only one that's being honest?
am i the only one said i never break a promise?
well what the f-ck is it you laughing you been in the forest
i make songs to escape, everybody's been in a dark place
they want me in all these cliques
but i only want to be around sp-ce (sp-ce, sp-ce, sp-ce, sp-ce)
slap me if i ever lose faith, in need of a warm embrace (embrace)
i'm way too young to be stressed, you've had your fun it's me next
(it's me next)
tell the boy that i love if we ever have kids then i'm sure they'll be more than blessed
speak in the future tense, let me slow down ( slow down, down, down)
take time, how the f-ck can i make time when everybody wants a piece of me, why they always wanna sleep on me?
i'll get mad that's the beast in me, let me go i'm releasing me
after my grandmother p-ssed and left scarred
but inside love will get far
and these stars prove that we are who we are
we cry and we laugh and that's human nature
as i sit in my car and write this from my heart i've done that from the start and that's why you relate
i'm not here to show face or bring t–th and act fake
that's not me, no way
should of known better anyways
this is for my people that's praying for better days, keep your head up
and a smile on your face try keep it there
even if it might fade away i'll be here for you
only want you to hear the truth
my last… shed a tear for you
but we still fill your spirit

we never see beyond clouds
walk with me if you will
so much to see just look out
we never see beyond clouds

if you want to survive connect to self
many a times we lost our self

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