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Little Simz - On The Edge MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

(mary roach)- i plan on going to cosmetology school at the end of the month unless i make it to hollywood, then i'm going to cancel my plans because i would much rather have a singing carrier than a hair styling carrier even though i very much love hair, makeup and fashion as well
(simon cowell)- and why are you here?
(mary roach)- i'm here because i want to be the next american idol and i want to make it to hollywood and it's been my all-time dream for a long time to become a big famous singer and performer and this is just one way to do it if i make it
(simon cowell)- and what are you going to sing?
(mary roach)- i'm going to sing i feel the earth by move carole king
(simon cowell)- alright off you go

[hook 4x]
on the edge
on the edge
on the edge
i be i be

crazy like a psycho in the olden days
i'm better off leading you don't know the way
how much of a female can these n-ggers take
i guess i'm the one, you better know your place
f-cking tryin'a get it, f-cking tryin'a get it
you must have some time the way you f-cking spend it
try me, your carrier, you can watch me end it
lyrically i pop ‘em like a f-cking blemish
pop pop pop make your soul retreat
got too many winnings, i don't know defeat
f-ck it let me brag on this mummy beat
i ain't even mad at these honey bees
i ain't even trying i'm just kicking back
mind is on a cloud i'm just showing that
sp-ce sp-ce sp-ce sp-ce sp-ce sp-ce
running from the galaxy like i owe ‘em tax

(simon cowell)- one of the worst i've ever heard in my life
(mary roach)- the worst?
(simon cowell)- yeah, honestly
(mary roach)- are you just saying that to get on my nerves or are you totally serious because something tells me i think you're saying it to annoy me
(simon cowell)- what made you audition for this compet-tion?
(mary roach)- all my friends told me that i was an awesome singer
(randy jackson)- what?

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