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Little Simz - Mandarin Oranges Part 2 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
i ain't even crossed paths with the world yet
they ain't even seen little simz through the good and the worst tests
why would i wanna fly away from a place called home what a bird's nest
going through a maze better be amazed when they say who's second and i'm
first yes
all i wanna see is skies and a blue sea
walking on the beach bare feet with a drink poured out like a true g
humbled internally
better bill suttin
burn it up to the 3rd degree
it's an emergency
this human life is absurd to me
i can say this gold energy ensures
thats these remedies will enforce
give another life back to that corpse
sh-t these melodies are my thoughts
show me who my enemies are my lord
i just wanna bless them even more
show them we are one and i'm more than me, so we need find the pure unity
within us

i see kaleidoscopes
the vision isn't dead help me find a pulse
and redesign the hope
only speak the truth redefine the false
and see the light evolve
cos all we talk about is designer clothes
we need to find the hope
and live in sp-ce we need to leave the skies alone

[verse 2]
what you know about trying to follow a dream at 9?
lil kiddie with ambition now i'm grown and clever enough to read the signs
but i was young and on a mission now i'm 20 and i can't believe the time
where did it go to?
where did i grow to? when other rappers needed height
always had a buzz i never needed hype
all i ever wanted was to be free to fly
all the school taught me was how to read and write
tryna flip a penny to a pound in this real cold town if only i saw between the
money doesn't come when you believe a lie
tryna find a star but i though i'd be the light, show
speaking of show i might have to go, oh
do what ever it take to blow, no
even if evil wanted your soul, no
stop right there ima make it clear
see i'm the only human body i fear
said i'll be gone in a month, delaying it to a year
it's either you're with me and riding through my career
or your steady waiting for me to disappear
pick which one, choose which one
lemme know now
before i whether to hold you down or not
talk to me tell me mummy are you proud or what
see you raised me up from only a flower pot
now your flower growing and you can stand and watch
its amazing that feeling ain't it
try and take it in year i know its crazy
i ain't gonna lie i been thinking bout my dad lately
tryna figure out if he knew i was k!llin it
would he of been part of my life for the benefits


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