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Little Simz - Lane Switch MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i'll set you free

[verse 1]
oh, pume top (?) on my slippers on indoors (?)
bet you wanna know what is in store
tilla bout to bill it, give him some roars
age 101 n—- say no more
might get the band out for my next tour
i've been on the road for too d-mn long
hope i don't forget what i do this sh-t for
work hard till i can't work no more (till i can't work no more)
first start off with a heart that's so d-mn pure (so d-mn pure)
now let me re-manifest
want a lot from the east to the west
still say i believe in the best
they know that i'm seen as a threat

awhrr, i might just make that lane switch
time for a change
they should know by now that still i be on that same sh-t
they all know who i came with (sp-ce sp-ce sp-ce sp-ce)

[verse 2]
never came to pretend
how lame can you get?
callin my name i get paid to forget
watch out for i come n aim for your head
you picked the wrong day to p-ss me off
they look to me now i call the shots
i found the way without being lost
firing n—-s you can never meet the boss
let me talk my sh-t
let me talk my sh-t
my minds on a trek line
all i wanna do is be a better me
might show you all a side that you've never seen
what the f-ck is all this pressure i could never sleep
nowadays i'm awake makin h-lla beats
say my name, say my name what “little simz”?
i've been playing your sh-t like every week
for the past nine months so remember me (please do)
wagwan for the jealousy
never thought i would get that
i thought wrong, let me step back
and observe this room…
how many souls are true?
let the truth unfold right now
but i've been clocking how these things move
as time round when i come thru
how vocal am i?
you can never guess me i've heard way too many lies
so please don't say to impress me
that sh-t don't impress me
labels and boys are the same, they both just want to undress me

awhrr, i might just make that lane switch
time for a change
they should know by now that still i be on that same sh-t
they all know who i came with (sp-ce sp-ce sp-ce sp-ce)

[verse 3]
never came to engage
never came for a wage, i came to make change
why you look so shocked?
boy fix your face
where's your smile?
i've been in the spot for a while
i can never get too complacent
i never wanna be that person
(?) wanna smile for myself
and they wanna see my twitter get hacked
and they wanna see my soundcloud plays go down
but they don't wanna see my n—-s get mad
and that's bullsh-t — i state the facts
you can't hate me for that
and it's all a matta time
that you blink your eyes ill be on my way to sp-ce and back
don't tell me nothin bout work rate
let me tell you bout work rate
i'm the reason the scenes goin so hard don't lie to yourself in the first place
i ain't even worried about first place — i've been first place
that's not the issue
i-d mag: facing the issue
take n—-s out — pray that they miss you

basic… that's all i hear from these artists nowadays
they need to make that lane switch
no ones tryna hear none of that fake sh-t

[hook] x 2

age 101, sp-ce

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