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Lil Mosey - Untitled MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

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yeah ([?])
uh~uh, i know, i know
uh, uh

brodie in a jam, he said when he gets out, he actin'
i'ma show you how to get these m's, n~gga, the fastest
i've been savin' all my bread, it feel like i've been fastin'
jets on jets on jets, my teammates ballin' like march madness
i just spent like eighty bands today, i gotta save it now
this year, i've been goin' up, so i ain't goin' nowhere now
i was poppin' so much pills, my bro said i should slow it down
i was f~ckin' with gina for a second, but she hoin' now
jumpin' off the porch and in the stages, feel amazing
i was workin' on myself, i went through stages while i'm agin'
and i do feel like i'm spеcial if you do get what i'm sayin' (what)
'cause the things i usеd to do, could've….

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