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i'm like, “turn off”
so you went on record then to tell 'em, “hold on”
cause i done been here for a minute, i could go on
let you know i had a scene, guys, i'll hold on
i ain't tryna make a scene
when i first stepped up like [tyler gaines ?]
i got infatuated by modern girls and finer things
but that's what happens when you young and wiped up out the rain
and i ain't gon' lie, i ain't chase girls, i still feel the same
my brother said when he get out of jail, he tryna be just likе me
said he tryna move out to l.a. and makе his wrist icy
and you might feel the same way i did, but that's unlikely
he said, “f~ck it, i want balenciagas and gucci,” he said, “f~ck nike”
and it was hard to get off them xans
but i know that sh~t gon' f~ck me up
gon' f~ck up my bands
like, how you think i'd feel if i went from a lamb' to a benz?
and this journey was so long, had to cut off a bunch of my friends
had to cut off a bunch of my friends
they say this b~tch one time, tryin' to f~ck with my feelings
but this girl with no instagram, i swear she was the realest
these internet bad hoes, i can't refer to them as women
'cause i know they wouldn't really f~ck with me if my racks wasn't to the ceiling
and they don't treat theyself right
how you gon' go out the club and leave your kid by himself all night?
that sh~t just don't sound right
and i know you tryna get a check, but it's other ways around that
cause my momma raised three kids by herself and she ain't do…
…off on your own, own, own
that's how you feel when you pull up in that rolls, oh, oh

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