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Lil Mosey - Since A Baby MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

lyrics from snippet
[?] cut, yeah
im at a coupe
yeah, uh

who you know wit' a whole lot of cash (boom), that still came straight from the bottom (uh)
who you know that can f~ck on these b~tches, and still say “n~gga no way ” (lil b~tch)
who you know that can [?] his whips (boom), brought the ‘lamb out, n~gga don't f~ck (skrrt)
that new boy give a f~ck 'bout you, give a f~ck 'bout you no [?]
no keys with no pedal, b~tch you know it, now they runnin'
hate on me, they gon' watch you fly to the moon, no winner
cop this sh~t, i heard it n~gga, can't get nowhere, ain't no winner
cop this money (yeah), coming fast, n~ggas coming for [?], b~tch
walked in, yeah, they know it's me (yeah), yeah, they know the scheme
give a f~ck about security, i'm walkin' wit' a stick on me (yеah)
blow a n~gga back (uh), whole gang catch you hearin' me
wе all know you snitch, you a rat, don't let 'em bring up history
chase your bag, (chase your bag),huh?
n~ggas all vibin', (n~ggas all vibin'), yeah
no you vibin' (no you not vibin')
i'm so catchy (uh~huh)
been that since baby, (baby),yeah
been that since baby (oh)
all these rings on my fingers, yeah, casted like a wifey
and my b~tch bad (bad)
all designers on, yeah, hit the ladies
i'm like “who is you” (yeah)
all that music, n~gga it's so dirty (dirty)
uh, young rich n~gga what's up? (up)
whole locked up in my cup (cup)
you some county journalist, but might think i need enough, yeah (i need enough)
young rich n~gga what's up? (what's up)
how do i give a f~ck? (uh)
are you done, or what? (what?)
blow a big gas in my luck

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