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Lil Mosey - Both Of Us MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro : lil mosey]
both of us
the both of us
racks in the, um
hangin', the both of us

[chorus: lil mosey]
racks in the mil' like both of us
walk in the club and we f~ck sh~t up
quit on your n~gga tryna [?]
glock seventeen or get next to us
big gas, hunnid for shows
f~ck on your b~tch yeah she straight out the door
i hit the pharmacy, lean in my throat
walked in my crib, and she set on to go
walked up my crib you got twenty show hoes
it's me and glitch and jd with the bros
we hoped in the lamb tryin', we spin it some loan
we all got a check on these diamonds, and go

[verse 1:glitchman]
shawty wit' the diamonds, we might move to the hills
i sold that boyfriend, drank with no seal
bust down my cartier piguet , gettin' chills
stop all that muggin' and thuggin' for real
stop all that clutching, i'm clutching on mills
we goin' beep~beep, we come through and we steal
shawn play up , on your wagon [?]

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