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Lil Kim - Free Hood Newz MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

“whoo kid”

[d-ck shipman]
i'm d-ck shipman with a hood news brief
lil' kim is free
after serv..

[girl speaks]
after all, comput..

[wildlife reporter]
right now behind me, is the elephant's ball sack
they're gargantu..

[man speaks]
running this country..

[spanish voice speaks]..

[d-ck shipman]
live at the spot now is our prison correspondent heywould yablowme
heywould, take it away

[heywould yablowme reports with crowd noise in background]
thanks d-ck
we're standing here in front of the federal detention centre in philadelphia, pennsylvania
where brooklyn's own, lil' kim is scheduled to be released from incarceration
as you can hear behind me, her loyal fans are anxiously awaiting her release
and, needless to say, they are hyped
hold, on d-ck
she's coming, right now
(applause whilst paparazzi shout for kim's attention)

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