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Lil Dicky - Menage From Dave MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i've never had a menage, i'd rather get a fiancé
mom up my ass like a prostate, she thinking forward like blockchain
but i'm sitting thinking 'bout the fourth grade
i was hitting on the macarena
visualising all the packed arenas
i ain't have sh~t on my hands except cheetos
that was the top, back when dwayne was the rock
back when jerkin' off used to be the motivation
i would come home racing tryna' beat my momma to my crib
get naked then i'll go on for the pictures
put the shower on while i'm sticking the printouts to the shower wall using steam
then i put the shower head up on the massage setting
what the f~ck was that, how was i…

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