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Lil Dicky - Meet The Burds Interlude MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

jean: h-llo?
dave: hi, any better out here?
jean: yeah, much better, yeah.
stewart: buenos noches.
dave: you're back from machu picchu and you're speaking spanish?
jean: it's ‘buenas tardes'
stewart: so how's dave burd doing?
dave: ah, he's alright, you know. taking it one day at a time.
stewart: um…
jean: well, wait, can we hear… say a little bit more about what that means?
dave: uh, yeah, i mean, i'm here in la, i just moved here, obviously.
stewart: wait, wait, wait, we're still having trouble. maybe you should try to call him back, jean.
jean: he's got bad reception where he is is the problem.
dave: can you hear me?
stewart: is that it?
dave: can you hear me?
jean: yes, now i can. yep.
dave: alright.
stewart: no, now we can't.
jean: wait, stewart, let him talk. go ahead.
dave: what do you mean ‘you can't'? why can't… you can't hear me?
jean: yes. we can, go ahead.
stewart: did you see that commercial for anchorman 2?
dave: which one? there's plenty of commercials.
jean: ok, stewart, let him talk about what's going on with him.
stewart: alright, go ahead.

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