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Lil Dicky - Big Freestyle Capital Xtra MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

finally in europe
din bop
l. d. aka bop bop
din bop
i could do what i want when i rap
ok thats enough

[vers 1]
oh my god i'm popping out in europe
oh they slipping, gotta whipe the floor
but i'm the type of dude, that never liked the karma
i'm giving no f-cks, i'm farting at the urinal
moma used to call me davie wavie
20 years later davie wavie
i'm russel westbrook the guard changer
still push the same car baby
all whips steady on a map
new b-tches in the back
they be f-cking with the kid for a minute
o my ma, gotta looking like they about going let the motherf-cker in rippin like a ticket
i be going to bed like this
i dont even gotta going to pretend on this
i dont even gotta trip
still in that london apartment like ehh
my girl delucio got pakinsons ehh
i gotta moving and shaking like ehh
i'm coming first when i let her like ehh
turning up everywhere johnny manziel
i got some buddies cheking my mail
hoes in formation i'm feeling like bey
i just don't see how someone can debate
they don't even like to post me on fader
f-ck it. i'm were they all not
labels they know where they call at
i got ogs in my call log
i can name names
it's not i've been great, to the greatest
but f-ck it, its your blood
i bet they let us on worldstar
no bugging me, thats a girl car
50 just hit me like d-mn homie
go by lil d-cky, i'm saying!
still sh-t a landslide
how the sh-t we holding up with the hands tied
how the sh-t we blowing up nicky pants size
could the sh-t break ground, thats a landslide
got his trunk crunk with a hand dye
you don't see a lot of d-mn […] like a […]
and i drop a video, tons of impressions
i look around, i see non but impressions
not of me tim
just of each other
yeah tim, tim, tim, tim, tim tim
i know. you think i'm gonna meat my wife in london?
she could be here, no?

[vers 2]
oh they were sleaping, but now they're awake
is he your drizzy or louise ck
if he was both of them, b-tches were both of them
businesses and sh-t were crickety cray
wish, after wish, like i'm blowing this cake
b-tch, after b-tch, they'd be hollaring my name
cling to my wood like a newborn koala
cap on my sh-t when i twist like a wallah
ok, now they try to get involved with it
no girl, i got to see them all first
no chain i been trying to keep it all business
lay it down like manure that sh-t work
drinking my water, i'm picking up a quater
you know that the money is saved
ey yo, why you recording?
reporters recording the sh-t that i say
ey, i don't even gotta downgrade it
i'm loving what i found lately
people look at me, prayin', hopin'
people look at you, periscoping
i might have to be a tastemaker
this ain't iggy, but i date lakers
i go out with them sometimes
cut the losses, cut the bosses
independent, f-ck the office!
at the wingstop, bunch of sauces
shot out to rick ross, boston
i ain't peek yet
i ain't p jet
flying coach
jay wright sh-t
sent me nikes, sent me reboks
got a new box
i didn't peek yet
but i'd been skim milk chugging
with a b-tch, hot as -ss for
b-tch, wonder why i'm coming quick?
it's your -ss for!
say what you want i be saying sh-t later
you watching movies and wish you could date her
my life a movie, i think i might date her
i hit her on twitter, but i'm out of data

i always run out of data. is it da(y)ta or data?
i hope it's da(y)ta for the sake of the rhyme
i … even upgraded my plan, i swear, i do a lot of social media
all right thank you

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