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Lightskinkeisha - Fix My Crown MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

(let me fix my motherf-ckin' crown)
like, this one, this one is for the b-tches
(let me fix my motherf-ckin' crown)
'cause really, f-ck y'all n-gg-s
(let me fix my motherf-ckin' crown)
let me fix my motherf-ckin' crown on you broke–ss peasants
(let me fix my motherf-ckin' crown)
f-ck it up!

[verse 1]
put my all into a n-gg- just to get none back
how you gon' do me like that?
how you gon' fool me like that
you was s'posed to have my back
you really ain't sh-t and that's facts
why you had to lie to my face
i found out she was stayin' at your place
i trusted everything that you would say
i don't compete with no b-tch, man
this ain't no motherf-ckin' race
i was always holdin' you down
you was always countin' me out
you was tryna make me spaz out
i wasn't f-ckin' with you for your clout
i was hurt when i found out
that i gotta boss up on you now
gotta be strong somehow
when i'm done i'ma take a bow
and tell all ya hoes to bow down
they some mothaf-ckin' peasants
let me fix my motherf-ckin' crown

(let me fix my motherf-ckin' crown)
n-gg-, you been d-mn near a whole twenty-four hours go by
(let me fix my motherf-ckin' crown)
and you ain't called me?
like, what's up?
oh my god, you know how that sh-t work out
(let me fix my motherf-ckin' crown)
d-mn, bruh
i been in the studio, i been handlin' business
(let me fix my motherf-ckin' crown)
what the f-ck
what you want me to do?

[verse 2]
you gotten people thinkin' we so perfect
all the pain and tears i cried, it ain't worth it
tryna stop thinkin' 'bout you, so i keep workin'
all the sh-t you put me through, i really ain't deserve it
and you knew it, but you blew it
r-i-p to the old me, 'cause she ruined
all the times you missed my call, f-ck was you doin'?
who was you screwin'? d-mn this sh-t confusin'
held a n-gg- down, still got treated wrong
b-tches called his phone, he don't press ignore
why these n-gg-s play now, what these n-gg-s want?
i don't want no prize man, i been here before
but baby, i really don't wanna let you go
i ain't got no choice, so i gotta do so
treated you good, had real good soul
but you played with my heart, now you turned the sh-t cold

you claim you always workin'
but really you be with your friends
(let me fix my motherf-ckin' crown)
every f-ckin' day
you don't make no time for me, n-gg-
you gon' stop treatin' me like a basic b-tch
(let me fix my motherf-ckin' crown)
n-gg-, you gon' lose me, i swear to god
lose you?
lose you?
(let me fix my motherf-ckin' crown)
you ain't goin' nowhere, bruh
all that kept-
all that god d-mn arguin' and sh-t
that's what's gon' make me-
i'm gonna dump your -ss
on god

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