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Lightskinkeisha - Demon Time Outro MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

(brandin blanco)

first thing first, i could never be a weak b~tch
so really, y'all can miss me with that weak sh~t
you bottom of the barrel ass hoes stop reaching (stop it)
they claim to hate me but they copy, that's some creep sh~t
bank account full of zeros and it keep increasing
go ahead and mention my name so my music keep on streaming
don't make me pop my sh~t, i'm lookin' for a reason
y'all gon' make me turn into a f~ckin' demon
got it out the mud, went from broke, now i'm rich (rich)
rode it so good, f~cked around and made a hit (hit)
top five on the charts, yeah, my name was on that list
gimme my respect, ain't n0body hand me sh~t
on thе road, 6 a.m., i had to make something shake
intеrviews early morning, can't even beat my face (yeah)
f~ck it, put a hat on, can't even fix my lace
i got something to prove, i ain't got no time to waste (nah)
friends turn to enemies the more i made profits (profits)
started gettin' jealous and they're watchin' all my pockets (jealous)
i did sh~t for b~tches when i had nothin' in my wallet
so how the f~ck you blamin' me because you couldn't keep it solid?
funny how they link up with your opps when y'all fall out
but i'ma let y'all have that bum sh~t while i ball out
don't have a f~ck to give about you hoes, b~tch, i'm all out (all out)
cross 'em right outta the picture like a f~ckin' crop out
now i'm pipin' up on you b~tches (pipin' up)
why y'all hating in my comments and my mentions?
topic of your group chats, yeah, you hate to see me winning
f~ck you if you said i couldn't do it 'cause lil' b~tch, i did it (did it)
head b~tch in charge, i'm a motherf~ckin' soldier
hood rich b~tch, hunnid bills in my roller
i'm a real fiend for that green like an ogre
b~tch, i am the best, i can't be mediocre
yeah, i'm goin' apesh~t (apesh~t)
if you ain't got no money, you can't say sh~t (you can't say sh~t)
never been the type of b~tch to play with
and they never thought a b~tch like me would make it (ha, woo)
the odds was put against me and i overcame that (yeah)
instead of gettin' in my feelings, i got in my bag (bag)
my name everywhere and they got 'em big mad (mad)
fronts and backends comin' through, i got them big racks (racks)
they said i'm material 'cause i pop sh~t (hoo)
gotta let you b~tches know who you not f~ckin' with (you not f~ckin' with me)
diamonds 'round my neck and they so f~ckin' big (f~ckin' big)
and now i'm on tv, b~tch, i'm f~ckin' lit (b~tch, i'm f~ckin' lit)
call my mama up, tell her “look mama, we made it” (we made it)
finna buy her the new crib and it's all gated (it's all gated)
my name gonna hold weight as one of the greatest
you shoulda never doubted, you shoulda f~ckin' waited
stupid ass b~tches, i got y'all in a motherf~ckin' chokehold
y'all b~tches gotta watch me on your tv screen every motherf~ckin' day, b~tch
that's what the f~ck you get, b~tch
doin' better than all y'all motherf~ckin' hoes
y'all hoes ain't got no money
y'all asses ain't got no motherf~ckin' furniture in your houses
y'all b~tches ain't got no n~gga
y'all b~tches ain't got no motherf~ckin' walls in your p~ssies
y'all b~tches is pathetic, trash
hahahahaha, look who's laughing now, b~tch
a funny b~tch
and i'm the one funny but i made y'all b~tches jokes
f~ck outta here, y'all b~tches could never see me
period, and that's just that on that and i'ma keep on p~ssing y'all hoes off
i'ma keep sh~ttin' on y'all hoes life
period, any b~tch out there that done fell out with me and now you godd~mn cool with my opps, b~tch, f~ck you with a sick d~ck
i don't give a f~ck 'bout y'all hoes
y'all hoes watching me
y'all hoes in the comments, under the blogs, talkin' sh~t about me
b~tch, look at you, look at you
you coulda been a part of this
but no, you wanted to be a motherf~ckin' hater
y'all hoes pathetic
y'all hoes need to go get you some motherf~ckin' money
and i been humble, and i been humble but f~ck bein' humble
i'm finna pop my sh~t on y'all hoes
i'm on demon time now b~tch, period
f~ck outta here

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