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Lakeyah - What If MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

what if ,what if i decided to leave
what if i decided enough was enough n~gga
what if you couldn't find a way to stop me
am like in no way in h~ll you in love n~gga
cause you doing me wrong, treating me bad
you accepted forgiveness am not over the past
doing me wrong treating me bad
i accepted your bullsh~t now am all over your ass
aay what if we tried to work it out like i talk and you listen
what if whenever we into,you speak on your feelings
what if you never serve ,tweet me on your f~cking twittеr
don't delete our f~ckin' picturеs keep these hoes about our business
i mean i know i'd be trippin' 'bout the lil' sh~t,but is the fact that am mad at you ,keep doing sh~t
you get around your people acting like you new to this
we break up every other day i know your ass used to this

what if i let another n~gga hit man you know this p~ssy good so what you doing if i did
what if am f~cking with his vibe so much that am like f~ck us

postin' up our pictures like my last n~gga f~cked up d~mn
can't even front lil n~gga you gon' be hurt type of b~tch you can't get over
swear to god

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