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Lakeyah - Slow Jamz MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

learning my body that's poetic loving
come wrestle in my crib that's poetic touchin'
using your tongue to ride how you feel on this n~gga that's poetic f~ckin'
know how to get it whenever you want it
no question about it
come hop up right on it
chockin' me ,kissin' me strokin' it blissfully d~mn,n~gga that's poetic justice
keep you harder than a concrete, the plan s~x laid out
drop pin come and finde me
we can kick it when the sun laying bright
the ten to light to come and f~ck you in your backseat
but am a real freak and ain't got the patience to be waiting am ready for you to pin me down
and i'mma let you eat me out and take me down
i probably let your attitude to a [ ? ]
i make your n~gga feel good
real freak b~tch but the d~ck real good
i talk too cheap come and show me how you do it
hope you let me feel it like you said that you would
'cause i said i want it all
take me from the bed to the wall
only want brain he gon' answer my call
keep my high heels on if he like women tall
s~x so good he never last too long
am comin'

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