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Lakeyah - Homebody MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse :1]
aay probably let you f~ck and then you put it down
and then you taught me how to ride,now i be showing out
might be a homebody,probably feel like going out
touching on my own body
let me take controll now
nasty f~ck me real nasty
p~ssy got him putting in work like an athlete
eye contact p~ssy grip scratch his back call him daddy
s~x so good got that n~gga trynna trap me
know this p~ssy his so he eat it without a problem
don't f~ck on him 'cause he got it he spend on me 'cause its water
am good treat me 'cause it's good
cheat on me what she would
i got that sh~t on his hood and he can brag on it
got that type of sh~t to make a n~gga spend a bag on it
am the type of b~tch your main n~gga wish shе had on it
yeah i make a n~gga spend a bag on it
got that typе of sh~t your main n~gga wish she had on it
know these b~tches hate me 'cause i make it look easy
classy when am with him but in bed i get freaky
been on the same sh~t since the first time he seen me
don't let that n~gga lil n~gga front 'cause he need me

baby when we f~ckin' put your back in it
get that first nut then go back in it
he be going deep i be asking him like baby what i do to get you mad like this
drug s~x, drug s~x,yeah yeah
rich s~x,rich s~x ,yeah yeah
i know am nasty yeah,yeah got me touchin' on my own body (on god)

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