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Lakeyah - Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

new to the city, but feel like takin' over (yeah)
midwest to the a but i feel like goin' global (i do)
tryna touch the whole world like i'm miss corona
i'm signed now, the feelin' better than two diplomas
i said that i would and a b~tch done really did it (i did)
safe to say that she got it, that b~tch be really spittin' (on god)
heard she be singin' and rappin', that lil' b~tch be really gifted
put the city on her back, i think she made a difference
i can't talk to no workers, b~tch, where your boss at? (where he at?)
‘maro straight off the key, likе, where the lots at? (ayy)
nеw patek to match the chain, where my rocks at?
ridin' 'round, draccy on my lap, like, where the opps at?
same b~tches hatin', the same hoes that won't say sh~t
how the f~ck you real when you kickin' it with a fake b~tch?
i don't trust hoes, when you got it, hoes be on snake sh~t
same b~tch that claimin' she flexin' really in fake drip
i don't got sympathy for no hurt b~tch (nah, nah)
b~tch ain't got a job, but she lookin' for a birkin (what?)
i ain't tryna brag, but if i ever drop a bag on a bag
this p~ssy be talkin' cash, keep fifty in all my purses (i do)
all these n~ggas tryna see what's up with me
all these super weird hoes tryna link up with me
these the same b~tches that be gettin' f~cked for free
all you hoes gon' go broke tryna keep up with me (f~ck, f~ck)
b~tch, i'm top two and i'm not two
i don't f~ck with n~ggas, you can tell me what that mouth do (not at all)
big bankrolls, keep it on me how a boss do
i'm forever flexed up, n~gga, 'cause i got to (d~mn)
b~tch, i'm number one, i ain't even on no billboard
b~tch, i got the type of money now, n~ggas k!ll for
b~tch got too much time on her hands, what you here for?
hoes be in my comments more than me, you broke b~tches be real bored

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