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Lakeyah - Easy 2020 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

let me catch a vibe
lets just take our time
just relax your mind and take it easy
don't have to decide you do i do i (yeah)
lets take it easy
love you so far bae
know you ain't mine but you got me risking my heart for this feeling
yeah you make me wanna say thats my bae (yeah)
lakeyah gotta behave
gotta be chill like a sunday
i never wanna look too thirsty but every time we chill i get chills
make me feel lucky,lucky
just want you to love me,lovе me
know you wanna touch it ,touch it
give you my all and we f~ck it
touch mе,touch me
feeling so lovely lovely
make you wanna love me,love me
give you my all f~ck it

aay you got a lot on you mind so let me ease you
am trynna study your body so i can please you
am introducin' my body like nice to meet you
ain't using to taking it easy let me teach you
first off let me take your shirt off ,we a little tipsy of the hennesy and smirnoff
we was at the party discussing all of your turn off
got me taking controll you said you like it when i work hard for some of you
you like it better when a b~tch ain't lying under you
so i get on top and ride you better than a chevy cruze
i got that woman's work out work you like a woman do
before i was touching your body i was feeling you
and i can't lie you make me wanna confide in you
i f~ck you right but is better that i can vibe with you
and i can see you i ain't trynna take that role but am just letting you know wherever we go am around with you
let me catch a vibe
let's just take our time
just relax your mind and take it easy
don't have to decide you do i do i
lets take it easy

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