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Kentheman - Lifes Good MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

the money good, the p~ssy good, sh~t
only thing bad is the attitude
(you can ask bigg cuz)

life's good, f~ck it, i cannot complain
he say he miss it like he ain't got no aim
call him coach, he tryna take me out the game
keep the ring, just come and beat it out the frame
they know i'm the sh~t, that's why they hate me like i'm chris
first they was fans and now them b~tches flipped a switch
they be wishin' on a star that i would quit
i just think they really wishin' i was with 'em on the bench
all of my n~ggas stay hypin' me up
pretty, but talk to 'em spicy as f~ck
n~ggas be askin' me why am i single?
told 'em the money be tyin' me up
the way i been spendin' and spendin'
i should be dizzy as f~ck
just last year, i was down to my last
this year, i been f~ckin' 'em up
can't tell these hoes don't like me 'cause they stay in my views
don't even follow my page, but know everything that i do
so many n~ggas to choose, it's hard to pick who to use
you talkin' 'bout takin' trips, but is you gon' fly out the crew?
he like, “girl, you got that pour”
i'm like, “yeah, i know”
tongue all in my—
d~mn, this n~gga gross
all the homies blew
you would think i'm loc
she tried keepin' up
f~cked around, went broke
i been doin' my thing, know these b~tches hurtin' on the inside
these hoes got two choices, either hate on me or to d~ckride
you hoes give me poor vibes, palette on somebody floor vibes
these hoes only tough when they got a cosign or they online
wait, d~mn, look at that face
i be all in the mirror like, “mama, look what you made”
n~ggas all in the comments like, “i wonder how do that taste?” sh~t
every ex that i had still try to f~ck with me to this day
i'm that b~tch, i'm that b~tch
good p~ssy, nice body, soft lips
tell these hoes it's game over, lil' flip
whoever said they f~ckin' with me gotta have the wrong b~tch
i'm up, hoes p~ssed
been worried 'bout the wrong sh~t, focus
see a mad b~tch, blows kiss
you b~tches couldn't beat me with some lotion

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