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Kendrick Lamar - S L L MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i'm staying late yeah
she left her man and now she with me changing pace yeah
stare at her face and i get b~tterflies it ain't fair
she give a blank stare
she just ain't used to get spoiled by a man who cares

verse 1:
threw my mismatch socks on then i'm walking in yo crib
yeah my last girl buggin so i told her this is it
you my next boo , you gon do me right , ima do it too
winter gon be coo , me and you , and your family too
all this sleep i'm losing
out of school , now they shooting
k!lled my homie , seen his mother cry now i'm traumatized cause she screaming why

breakdown: (this whole part is just me talking about my last girl ever lol)

verse 2:
ooh and she be k!lling with the long hair , told her watch her ankle now she blushing cause she love it here
told her let me compliment her body she a hottie do a spin girl
don't need no makeup for your skin girl
that's my queen and my hermosa touch her and i'll air these bullets out the f~cking

chorus 2:
cause i know what you chasing you can only get this feeling from a thug you can only get this feeling from a thug
beauty and the beast pretty girl with a gangster i swear you still the baddest in the room with no makeup
you the type of woman every hood n~gga pray for
i vow to stay 100 never change up

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