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Kendrick Lamar - Misunderstood MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

baby you understand me now
if sometimes you see that i'm mad
don't you know no one alive can always be an angel
when everything goes wrong, you see some bad
but i'm just a soul whose intentions are good
oh lord please don't let me be misunderstood

[verse 1: kendrick lamar]
as soon as the beat drop
within two bars, you already said i'm hot
they savor, my fruits of labor
my flow is sweeter than strawberries, oranges, and apricots
g-d-d-mmit i raised the standards of the status-quo
to go against me you gotta be more than professional
you got to go extra hard like an erection with no protection
and i be f-cking all these bars
we be s-xing i'm a nympho
for the instrumentals, all right, i admit it
matter of fact i got a hot date tonight, real rap
take this and take that from the machine
got this money up, with no caffeine
prepare me is kerosene struck by a bunch of lightening
you looking at me then your sight seeing
and what that means is that this human being is fly, don't try to duplicate
i'm authentic, i see you scoping my style like forensics, that is foul
tech! leave 'em by the benches

i'm just a soul whose intentions are good
oh lord please don't let me be misunderstood

[verse 2: kendrick lamar]
i see the future better than your computers
apple software got the next 10 years scared i'm fred krueger
rugers on my hip, terminate all intruders
leave them dead inside the sewers
shoulda' coulda' knew i was a murderer
burning up the very sun, the rapture
the god is back, they said he'd come, but i came faster
i'm not an actor, if you play denzel, you'll be thrown through a windshield
the nine merely is handheld, the ak is hands on
now the battlefield i can land on one thousand mines and don't blow up because i'm the bomb
inside your cd deck, duck for cover, guard your neck, i demand respect
if i never see a check, at least i got these rap n-ggas in check
preach tabernacle fetch the holy bible if i'm lying
king of my jungle, swear to remain humble, keep my vision tunnel
because i don't need to get sidetracked, my producer name is soundwave and he gives me beats by the batch

i'm just a soul whose intentions are good
oh lord please don't let me be misunderstood

[verse 3: jay rock]
my flow cold, like aspen
i love to show off when i'm in that aston
look i act a -ss, but i'm not jack
a east side n-gga i can get you popped at
a hundred rounds n-gga stop that
you can't make that -ss sit or flip-flop back
i'm too gutta n-gga top that
this is lyrical homicide, not rap
so don't get it misunderstood
say my name on your bars, sh-t i'm in your hood
with 45 goons 45 shugs
chase your -ss upstairs throw you of your roof
i see you big dogs, all i hear is woof
loud talk, no bite, you n-ggas is p-ss
i'm off that bubble kush, thinking about life
or how to make a mill and spend it all in one night
i just might…

[verse 4: kendrick lamar]
…sn-tch your b-tch if she got a great appet-te
for the top dog catalog, that means everybody
several bodies on the shoty don't make it eight rappers
d-mn i hate rappers, don't call me that
if you called it how you seen it you would call me real rap
i don't fabricate sh-t, all i do is keep it real
eat, sleep, and take sh-ts wipe me down if you will
hold up, big truck, lurkin' with the monster grill
four fifteens i got beat like emmett till
put me in my g-mode schooling every hot-head
tell them about the g-code, like eskimos
my arms froze, popsicle
observing the game, i'm so official

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