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Kendrick Lamar - Come Up Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

shout to my n-gga sh-llcase for doin' this beat for me too
that n-gga look like a [?]

[verse 1]
drunk off a hard liquor, pourin' bottles over b-tches
pourin' halos over haters, k!llin' insecure n-ggas
feelin' like the old jigga, old nas
old big, new pac, oh my god, he's alive, he raps
bombs on your intellect
bombin' everything from the streets to the internet
get the instrumental wet
then i'ma buss a nut, yeah i [?] my f-ckin' nut
that is not an escalade, that's a d-mn armor truck
shoot who? shot what?
you ain't popped sh-t but some bubblegum and a bump
who you motherf-ckers want?
leave a motherf-cker slump, from the f-ckin' pump
he's a peanut to an elephant, put that n-gga in the trunk
might be [?] in houston
lean in my pimp cup
ridin' 84's, throw like a [?] pot
hoes on my jock like i'm from the atl
and i know black choppers on the rooftop
flip a n-gga like he was a nba mascott
strip a n-gga from his wavecap to his [?]
got it from my grandpop, was raised on them compton blocks
every day caught the fade, like we on the barbershop
goons in the parkin' lot
ooh you's a fool if you bark a lot, with no bite
like [?] k!ll right
in front of your momma
hold tight [?]
summertime, perfect for duck hunting
and your women wanna be in my house
with her -ss out, she climax then p-ss out
like promotional flyers, k dot be the flyest
eat ten rappers a day, now that's a h-ll of a diet

your girlfriend she all on me
say she wanna clean my dirty laundry
say she wanna clean my dirty laundry
b-tch i'm k dot and i'm keepin' it friendly

[verse 2]
i got this, jumpin' like a kangaroo
pumpin' like a fist [?]
from the pro black, this is automatic rap
have a seat, grab a snack, we gon' be here for a second
armageddon might be here, when i finish pray the heaven has a home
i'm alone in my own galaxy
you'll never have a headstart with a dead battery
and they screamin' agony, when i write sh-t
my life is, filled with excitin'
visions of a n-gga making mills with a strikin'
impact for ten years, i've been here before
see this is all premature
i start the war like an instigator
chopper, they some cream gaters
on a thursday, mix the vodka with the sprite
better yet, roll the dice, watch me come up
he want to [?] with me, he cool, put your gun up

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