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Karmin - Neon Love MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

dropped the call, drop my phone
all alone i'm with you
had enough, sobered up
nothing left to cling to

funny how the stars always seem to shine
shine the brightest right before they fall
funny how your touch used to burn me up
now i'm not feeling anything at all

i never noticed how hot it is under these lights
this neon love is burning too bright
baby, sometimes it's hard enough just getting by
this neon love is making us blind
funny how the lows overshine the highs
if we fade at least we know we tried
should have known from start of it, baby don't cry
this neon love is destined to die

salty lips, drunken kiss
used to think i need this
had the moon, but wanted you
it'll all be done soon

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