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Kanye West - No More For Me MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: kanye west]
long beach, stand up! (plain pat, what up?)
it's your hometown boy mark spitz and uh
now i've been getting f-cked up all night long
this weed and this drink i got is almost gone
and i've been doing wrong my whole life long
so here's my song
here's my song

[hook: mark spitz with (kanye west)]
five pounds of dro
five rounds or mo'
tore from the flo'
two sets of hoes
k. west to go
(okay no more for me
okay one more for me)

[verse 1: mark spitz]
let me talk on this
let me walk on this
mark spitz extra clips of hollow tips
i'm full throttle with chicago trips
hits model chicks without the bread
moet bottles flip, i'm out my head
okay no more for me
f-ck it, one more for me
send another round around for all my gs
quarterback in the streets
throw a zip for three
mr. mc on the beats that still spin when i freeze
in the city by the sea, b-tch
feel the breeze
hot head, i got steel to squeeze
see easy

[bridge: mark spitz]
the west is on my back, k. west is on the track
now we fiend to get it jumpin' like the jacks
dimes and hoodrats, get down on the flo'
and pop that -ss 'til it's time to go

[hook: mark spitz with (kanye west)]

[verse 2: mark spitz]
i came to the club with a gang of n-ggas
but i left from the club with a gang of b-tches
just got my pimp cup now my name is bishop
in a money green suit, ice cane and lizards
the p chain still hangs but it's changed to spitz
the blues always authentic gangsta sh-t
now take this and run with it
go have fun with it
but make sure you bring it back when you're done with it
long beach done done it again
it's been ten
and we've been it since then as little kids
you n-ggas can't tell me sh-t on how to sell with this
i'm hot as h-ll, we done done it again

[bridge: mark spitz]

[hook: mark spitz with (kanye west)]

[interlude: kanye west]
don't worry chi-town
it's ya boy kanye to the
i got this!

[verse 3: kanye west]
you at the bar tryin' to ask what that hypno hit fo'
if you gotta ask that you can't afford to get mo'
dawg, slow down you can't afford to sip mo'
leave the club now, come back when you get dough
many hoes, many many many many many hoes
centerfolds, especially i'm in the go
cadillac back to back, red, black to indigo
tell me that i ain't pimpin' yo
especially they in a row?
keep a least two, that can't keep they cool
cause i stay g'd up like the first week of school
broke girls, i take 'em to the section 8
where i p-ss the d-ck around like a collection plate
white girls said, “la di da di, we love to party”
and that b-tch ain't broke so that mean she sniff c0ke
and she only 17 so that mean she can't vote
so if we do anything, that mean you can't quote

[hook: mark spitz with (kanye west)]

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