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Kanye West - I Kill For Fun MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: ynw melly]
i‘m not psycho, i‘m just contious
i‘m not rude b-tch, i‘m just honest
i f-cked her in her balenciagas and then i went to her mama
then f-cked on her mama
might fly the hoe to the islands
i‘m like hold up lil b-tch you wildin‘, i‘m straight out the gutter you straight outta harlem you run up on melly i‘m bustin‘ your [?]
f-ck n-gga talkin‘, hit you on [?]
loaded the carbon then let the b-tch swallow him
b-tch i'm a demon, b-tch i‘m a k!ller
loaded the carbon i‘m all 'bout my [?]
robbin' the n-ggas and takin' the n-ggas
robbin' the n-ggas, but now i‘m on beats
i used to rob n-ggas for their money, now i‘m k!llin' n-ggas on the track
shout out to my young n-gga [?]
uh, i k!ll a n-gga 'bout that
n-gga got racks, n-gga got racks
bn double o, this sh-t why ya'll on the set
i‘m on the nba line with just stephen, i hit it for real this n-gga went black
i loaded the carbon and this n-gga will happen
imma like hmm, like n-gga what happened
i‘m lookin' down and that boy tryna flex
i need that boy sittin' there on the bench
i‘m ballin' for real your -ss i am the best
i remember just gettin' pitched
i was lookin' down [??????] pastor booted in the church, ha
yeah that n-gga get money to run up on me your -ss get murked, huh
the n-gga p-ssy i swerve her up but that boy try run in a skirt
up the pistol then skrrt, uh
the p-ssy n-gga yeah they real yeah they sober
n-gga what the f-ck they want me and i‘m with kanye in hawaii he playin' golf
ya'll lil p-ssy -ss n-ggas [??], yeah yeah they super
i‘m h-rny, that‘s a [?]
yeah, this is just gon' p-ss it to ye
imma gon' p-ss it to ye

[verse 2: kanye west]
[?], hunnid' k is my minimum wage
kkk [?]

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