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Kanye West - Freeee Demo MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: marcus garvey]
may i say something to you to give you a true knowledge of yourself and life?
man in the full knowledge of himself is a superb and supreme creature of creation
when man becomes possessor of the knowledge of himself, he becomes the master of his environment

[chorus: kanye west]
guess what, baby? i feel free (scoop)
nothin' hurts me anymore
guess what, baby? i feel free

[verse: kanye west]
created in nah-nah-nah
guess what, baby? i feel free
and you know d-mn well
ah! i don't feel pain anymore
guess what, baby? i feel free
you should quit your job to this
hold up, let 'em drop the mist
got on the concert
one stunt in yours, don't stunt on us
they stunted on, ah
i don't feel pain anymore
guess what, baby? i feel free
this like a mix of some ja rule sh-t and some king krule sh-t
don't -ssume sh-t, the news sh-t
this a fool sh-t, i'm on some bullsh-t
i'm on some wildin' out in some new sh-t
i'm on somethin', 'bout to lose it
take your con and does it, don't double fools it
lyor come up arguin' saying, “don't lose the music”
i got none' but cool sh-t, i been known to lose it
you stuck with a bunch of motherf-ckers you don't know
like a cruise ship
hottest on new sh-t, bangin' on that new sh-t
popstar, move it
man, he goin' foolish
man, he goin' stupid
man, he got the movement
now they couldn't move it
talkin' in jewels, yeah

[outro: kanye west]
can't not b-mp 'em anymore
guess what, baby? i feel free
(shut the f-ck up and go suck some p-n-ses)

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