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Kanye West - Deja Vu MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

sem medo
(make that, the alb-m cover this)
‘do, ‘do

uh, somethin' for the déjà, déjà, déjà
you gimme déjà, gotta get me that vu (haha)
déjà, déjà, déjà, you gimme déjà
déjà vu, let me get that vu
déjà, déjà, give me that déjà vu (aha)
told her, déjà, déjà, give me that déjà vu

[verse 1]
yeah, that's true
hit 'em with the one some of 'em, uh
since we pullin' up on the e-way
make me wanna hit the floor like freeway
[?] we in-in a cab, we in-in a cab [?]
i sing to her -ss, i swear a n-gg- almost done died, i say
déjà, déjà, your so flavor, ya ye, forgave ya [?]
girl you give me that déjà vu
true, [?] what you tryna' do?
déjà, déjà, you so major
got a somethin' on a page, you give me that déjà vu
uh, what that money tryna do?
what the f-ck they want do? ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
déjà, déjà, you so major
the flavor, the pager, you give me that déjà vu
ay, and that's what i'm sayin' though, [?]
you need to stop playin' though
like on the piano, i am though [?] with the [?] and the [?]
my favorite nikes was mandals
[?] my cousin randall, handle
i was underway a n-gg- hand though
with the dc crossed over with the handle
ayy, i had the polo socks with the girbaud

[?] and you know, that's the déjà vu
yeah n-gg-s know what they do
that's how chi' town do
south, southside and you
[?] with the vu (‘do)

[verse 2]
if i had a chance for, a chance to rap poor (‘do)
and a -ss so fat [?] with a actor
i would probably grab more [?] (‘do)
or sound like [?] playin' mad court
me and my cousin play full court one on one (‘do)
[?] one on none
[?] you hear, one of one (‘do)
that means not before that year, not to come
just know when i was [?] there was nothin' done (‘do)
n-gg-s talk a lot of sh-t, but ain't nothin' done
ideas is like -ssholes (‘do), everyone got one
but i'm the number one -sshole, if you not one
and from the last one (‘do) [?]
can't match 'em, they couldn't match him (‘do)
serena got -ss and wimbledon wins got [?] (‘do)
vu, vu watcha doin'

(can we try some more sh-t?)
sem medo
sem medo

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