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Kanye West - Back To Basics MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[kanye west]
uh, uh
lets take it back to basics
when sh-t gets worse we converse
how we need a new balance before the lines get crossed like asics
just look at what we got, if we don't shoot the reeboks
this is a beat that no flow can detox
so the respect is due like my louie back
i don't wanna have to check you
i'm ???? and pelle pelle leathers
some say, my beats made the bulls play better
i say, black on black is the hate that hate made
sara lee with the dough i'm talkin' bout the cake maid
mcdonalds with the flow, served over over a billion
you've seen the video, words over the building
uh, i wish i could give you this feeling, i wish i could give you this feeling
and when the workout plan ain't work out man
me and common is back on the corners again
on the corner

uh, yeah
uh, yeah
i open my eyes
the corner is like african tribes
the black is subsidized
the black enterprize
the p-ssion arise
the youth fantasize, who got some cash in they eyes
if youth dies, mamas askin' rationalize
tryna' build a spot where ghetto b-st-rds can rise
the ghetto has been b-st-rdized by those who capitalize
wonder if its a plan that the master devised
to bring his people to a land where the blacks are despised
on the corner

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