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Kanye West - Alien Donda Demo MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: ant clemons]
telling my brothers to stay calm, though
turned to a monster, won't let it go to a~
phantom of the opera, it goes where it goes
my nightmares still haunt me (dream)
when i sleep, they haunt me
when i sleep, they haunt me (ooh)
and my nightmares, they haunt me (ooh ooh)
but i won't let 'em get the best of me (yeah)
in the sunken~

[chorus: kanye west]
alien, magical, flyin', and all
being, i got her signed on
beam me up, i'm 'bout to sign off
dumber now, need to take time off
dumber now, i don't bеlieve the timе
should have gone, man, i believe they lyin' (get a mic, huh)
sign, do you believe in science?
bigger sign, bet they gon' bleed no~

[verse: kanye west]
alien, takeoff, i took time off
i don't believe in time, i just believe in science
i've just been feeling nine
we gon' just leave at nine
christian calendar, some~some calendar
airplane, challenge us, happen to challenge her
said, “it blow up,” michael moore said, “know what? ain't n0body die!”
alex jones said the same sh~t and fried, oh sh~t!
alien, pyramid, fly off, take off
break off, kit kat, take off, wake up
make off, they go, say go, get makeov'
you let go in waco, texas
pull up, err~err, ‘lexus
flex this, bless this, genesis, precious
message, message, bless it
don't stress it, don't stress sh~t
don't test it, don't test this
don't touch this, man they hammer time
on the dotted line, on the camera time
when it's out of line and they meant it right
done it down to nine, on the dotted line
want a better line and i'm feeling right
k!ll the feeling, right, oh and i made it rhyme
'cause i met a time and you're out of time
and you wear the line and he out of line
but he set it off, on the adderall
when they got it all, set it off y'all
[outro: kanye west]
alien, takeoff, monster

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