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Justin Bieber - Maserati MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

what's up jaden?
i'm feeling nice right now
i'm feeling good to bro
i'm feeling really nice right now
i'm in my closet right now
literally in your closet?
i'm literally in my closet right now recording this song like a g
you are a g bro
you're a wrap
you're a wrap bro
ah swag
swaggy, swaggy, swaggy, swaggy

(jaden smith)
oh, i ain't never met a groupie
all i meet is ladies
and i like my privacy
so i got a mercedes
got these chokers shaking
reminding me have hated
sorry 'bout the security
it's only for your safety
cause baby i'll be pimpin'
holler if you see me
i'm probably in miami
with my girl in a bikini
text me if you need me
touch me if you're greedy
‘cause you'll probably be with nicki
while she says waikiki

how we the illest and the youngest?
i really don't know how we the k!llest and the dumbest
swear it's really early
but i don't know where the sun is
and girl just take my hand
while i knock away these hundreds

cause the crowd is going crazy
money coming in bundles
sorry that i couldn't see you
it's hard to see through my stunners
dumb blondes be sayin' i'm the funnest
all i'm hearing is claps
though i don't know where the drum is
girl you like it
so just give me the mic
and i'll get you so excited
tell me what you want
i'll go home and write it
to a old school beat
baby take your lip and bite it
oh jeez
girl you got me and you gon' make me work
cause it's usually a hobby
and no i really like you
and no it's not your body
but trust me that's a plus
cause you're hotter than wasabi
and i'm diggin' on your kicks
jokers talking 'bout karate
when i want a girl i just whip out the maserati
no i can't drive it
it's only for the show
and i like to wear the (?)
watch them circus glow
girl i'm on like a light bulb
are you coming home from the night club?
‘cause i tried to get in but i ain't reached the height limit
that might be over but the night isn't so i'm
so text me if you tryna chill with wesley
cause me and mandy are chillin'
so don't wear nothing dressy
inside jokes are only funny when you get them
so (?) is the place to be (?) and i'm living in them dance halls
alright j i think i got it from here
justin bieber
headphones on yeah
turn them up a little bit

(justin bieber)
baby i'm the man
i felt that you knew that
i'm now in j-pan
just because i do that
so baby don't you stop it
baby can you drop it
i give you my chain
i style like kentucky
money on my mind
and you on my mind
too much on my mind
too big for my time
and everybody know that

baby i'm the man
can't you understand
keep you wondering
if i'm the wonderman
and you're in wonderland

hey my name is jb
i'm always rocking vans
and if i was your boyfriend
i would love you till the end
i'd kiss your face in public
you can tell all of your friends
baby girl you got that body
would you like to go to france?
we can fly there on my jet babe
i can give you jetlag
i don't do jamaica baby
i can make you sweat babe
and if you ain't in the crew
you'll never get this
posted at the crib with the msfts

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