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Juice Wrld - Young God MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu


let my girlfriend hold a strap n-gg- no dyk-
doing drivebys at night n-gg- no lights
hating on me f-ck n-gg- got no life
grew up with n-gg-s thats locked up for life
slow down on the percs something dont feel right
hi-tech red that sh-t slime real right
i freestyle this sh-t they will write
he on the corner stop at the red light
talking drunk n-gg- no bud light
he on the gram flexing with fake ice
i'ma keep going no time for a hook
they stealing the drip no time for a crook
yo b-tch get picked up then i get licked up
we in the [?] moving to cali, l.a. or vista
she want a mister i want her sister
sh-t real crazy
someone come roll backwoods i'll pay
someone talk down on my name i'll slay
i'ma test out my new gun like yeah
spent two bands gave my b-tch one [?]
pull up on a f-ck n-gg- yeah he right there
we location share
on the way with sticks right now we ain't ever care
ha ah
she look at me like i'm a young god
allah, thank god
gave me a talent now a n-gg- go hard
we in yo yard, you ain't here then we in your bro yard
make it clear waiting in the front lawn
we know you here
turn your coat red, paul revere
ran the money and run up fierce
codeine cups we having cheers
whats her name all on my phone i haven't talked to this b-tch in some years
yeah they all run back when the money coming in
that wasn't givenchy the way that i got it n-gg- how much you wiling to spend, yeah
uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
talk my sh-t [?]

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