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Juice Wrld - My Name Is Konbini Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

uh uh uh~huh
my name is
my name is (uh)
my name is

i say hi, my name is mr. brainless
toting on the stainless, leave you on the pavement
my flow go brazy, that's on the daily
its funerals for goofy hoes, i give the p~ssy daisies
shaking like haiti, rock~a~bye like a baby
i'm not a xbox, therefore you can't play me
my flow like eminem, really it's too shady
eminem, wayne, and drake d~mn near made me
now i'm the next up, yo b~tch giving her neck up
i had to f~ck s~xt her, kick it out don't text her
i don't еven caress her, if anything i finesse her
and you know i'm bout the scott, drinking sh~t like carreta
in the cut with beretta, at your head like beretta
my flow go forever, i don't show no effort
the way i freestyle sh~t, the same sh~t that they write
i'm piped up give you a nosebleed, you sniffing that white
i'm in that ghost like poltergeist
it's triple nine, the pastor's wife just may catch some of this d~ck tonight
n~gga, i'm feeling rich tonight
i scratch them off like a lotto quickpick
burn them like a jamaican with kush and some incense
been the realest motherf~cker ever since the infant
tony hawk when i be grinding, n~gga that's a trick tip
try me if you want, chopper f~ck you like a thick b~tch
after that i get rich, just to f~ck a thick b~tch
i'm so ignorant, that i feel like john dillinger
i feel like a pilgrim, burning down all these villages
that means you ain't sh~t but a native
i'm off these f~cking sedatives
feeling great, but i think i could be feeling greater
imma try these two, i'ma mix them with those two and see what it does do
pull up on the scene like d~mn “ain't that the same kid from high school that said he was gonna make it”
he actually made it
he actually famous
he actually aiming at the stars and he's shooting
i feel like an army i'm a sergeant i'm recruiting
what the f~ck is you doing
feel like nike n~gga cause my flow really just do it uh
i'm clueless, nah i'm ruthless
kinda like my car, kinda like your broad
feeling like a star, studying abroad
i put that on god that's word to allah
uh uh
i've been going hard again
beat you upm now it's blood on my cardigan
i feel like an ace of spades f~ck it i'ma pull this card again
break the glass and now its a bunch of f~cking shards in him
i'm at the door n~gga i'm barging in
i got my whole militia with me it's a squadron friend
i ain't really with the talking sh~t i'm over it
matter fact
imma leave him in the grave or sum'
pop a molly in the party at the rave or sum'
these chains up on my neck i never been a slave for nothing
you run up that's okay i got this k for nothing
i'm busting, for real though
mama kinda mad cause i was rolling off the pills
i said i'm trying to keep it real though
i'm trying to keep it real bro
she said you high as f~ck, i said i really am for real bro
i can't feel my face but it's cool
give a f~ck about you
give a f~ck about college
give a f~ck about school
had to drop that sh~t say f~ck that sh~t
they paying back student loans while i'm sittin back rich
world~tourin, like i told you so
you'll get cranked like you soulja ho
that choppa sing like drake n~gga ovo and bring you back in the old days like colonials
i write the sh~t out like a numeral
in my head freestyle it, i dont write it at all
in the party off the percs i don't do no adderall
you get watched like blood pressure cholesterol
i'm the type to knock at the door until you knock it off
pull up with your b~tch in the back having to top me off
with a top off in the drop top with a hot thot playing hopscotch
let me st~
lemme stop

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