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Juice Wrld - Goin Crazy MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

goin' crazy
all my n~ggas goin' crazy, yeah
all my n~ggas goin' crazy
all these b~tches goin' crazy
see you n~gga with the money [?] goin' crazy

can't [?] new sh~t
n~ggas talking dumb, but they ain't never do sh~t
hoes on me and they prolly actin' stupid
i'll never wife no b~tch, that's foolest
i don't care about sh~t but my jewler
f~ck school, i'm the black ferris bueller
clip longer than a motherf~ckin' ruler
versace on a n~gga like i'm f~ckin' on medusa, woah
take a second
think about it, take a second
all my n~ggas eatin' we need seconds
i be k!llin' n~ggas, that's a preferencе
i be smokin' weed, up in heaven
all thеse n~ggas microsoft, windows 7
i'ma be the man 'round here and that's a blessing
i been k!llin' motherf~ckers since they f~ckin' out of lesson
n~gga you should feel threatened, god d~mn
i'm the f~ckin' man, b~tch, i'm dumping of the gym
dunkin' on these n~ggas i don't even need a rim
run up on yo' spot, k!llin' him, him and him
all my n~ggas crazy, but my pockets never slim
boy i swear the god, ballin' out like i'm tim hardaway, hardaway
ballin' out like i'm tim, sheesh
i just ballin' out like i'm tim
hopped on the track like, d~mn, i'ma get 'em
fried a motherf~cker like i'm motherf~ckin' skin'
boy it's juicethekidd on this track, i'ma get it
choppa kinda hungry, it better heat you off a dinner
i'm the f~ckin' man and yo' n~ggas know i'm in it
real as h~ll, real as h~ll, i'd never be pretended
real as h~ll, real as h~ll, yeah
why is h~ll, surgicel, yeah
smokin' weed got me freal
d~mn, i'm up in the sky
i can see clouds, i'm so motherf~ckin' high
n~ggas talking dumb, f~ck around and he gon' die
run up on 'em with the choppa, leave his momma traumatised
b~tch i am the man, who the f~ck is you to i
b~tch i am the man, i'm too motherf~ckin' high
b~tch i am the man, i'm so motherf~ckin' fried
one more inch, and i can prolly touch the sky like, d~mn
goin' crazy
all my n~ggas goin' crazy, ayy
all my n~ggas goin' crazy, ayy
we got that white like shady, ayy
you know my n~ggas goin' crazy
rock~a~bye, i ain't talkin' 'bout baby


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