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Juice Wrld - Cheers MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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um, yeah

feel like an old man
my eyes are rolling, stuck in a moment
protection, don't need and tuck in trojan, till we blow it
walk around like a 100k pound on my coat
i'm runnin' out of town, it ain't no
smokin' on loud and i'm so
smokin' on pound, yeehaw
your hoe and my hoe down, yeehaw
your girl tryna rob my mans and my b~tch out here d~mn, yeehaw
diamonds on percs like a seesaw
i don't f~ck with no parties but i tell them i'ma go to a rave, molly
i don't bother with none of these n~ggas names 'cause to me they all pians
no, no, when i see one
sh~t, i would hate to be one
it's funny how n~ggas be high and they blank just like i wasn't need to go sleep on
the alarm clock ring, my theme song, yeah
wish i could be broke, yeah
the clique broke sh~t for real, yeah
i be roaring like lilo, yeah
i'm a little scarier, yeah
ain't f~ckin' a n~gga terrior
i'ma stack that, n~gga no [?]
i sweat tears, some rough years
now i'm overseas, should've known my peers
woke up in a jet, no beer
tryna run up on me, three shots on the rear
host b~tches, it's hot in here
and i had a drive~by, let they steer
we gon' shoot like lebron
diamonds real~

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