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Juice Wrld - Biscotti In The Air MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

…eating good
these n~ggas on the front porch like [?] (b~tch)
roll up woods, pour up mud, let's get stuck (b~tch)
where my real ones go, we the only real ones
we don't play, get in our way, we gon' k!ll som' (for real)
i miss my dog, in the slums, make him feel [?]
won't stop 'till we see blood, make him feel the real one (b~tch)
pain in they veins, bullets tear leave a stain
from the pain in our friends when they took what i gained
nowadays ain't the same, they wanna scream out they name (let's go)
no reply, so we gettin' high
fire from the other side
f~ck your glock, i need a gun with bigger tits (yeah)
pop that thirty, not that ten, i need a bigger itch (yeah)
i got a job for you hoes, finding a bigger b~tch (oh yeah)
tryna move that cocaine by the zip, hide it by your tits (oh yeah)
…all the hoes stop and stare (uh~huh)
louis v underwear (uh~huh)
vvs solar flare (uh~huh)
eskimo polar bear (uh~huh)
designer i wear (uh~huh)
[?] (uh~huh)
in my recliner chair, put the biscotti in the air

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