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Jinan Laetitia - Picture MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

in the night, i saw you there
follow me ‘round in the dark
your hue is like pulling me close

can't deny, i want you there
pulling the strings in my mind
can't lie i'm the fool to your gold

like i told you once
we choose our own poison
dragging me right on my own knees
i'm on the floor

show me your colors and i'll paint a picture
paint it by number, a special depiction
and i know you will like it

gravity will pull me down
it's a law that i can't fight
it's enough for me
it's my destiny
my reality, feed my energy
yeah, i'll be around
a feeling like never before

so show me your colors and i'll paint a picturе
paint it by number, a special depiction
and i know you will likе it
give it a meaning of your own belief
i know your secrets
it's part of my vision
and i know you will like it

you can't run from it
you can't hide
you can't fight it
it's pulling you close

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