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Jid - Untitled Snippet 2119 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

d-mn, h-lla unfortunate
fortunate fame is not the same
when your phase is important but lame
gotta take this rap sh-t in small portions
i'm like mike, who the f-ck is up on the court with
i'm attacking the paint because i smell endorphins
pocket check, p-ssy boy, i smell endors-m-nts
them shucking and jiving, jid jumped off the porch
i'm tired of being poor and begging for porridge
i need a porsche and a crib in the forest
if they try to pop me, watch my eyes squint like forrest whitaker
hit you from a distance
good riddance, good day, and good business
get on your [?] while the good is good
god gave me the jewels and i been on my juug with it
the rules be used and abused for you to lose
to lose the choice, don't choose, you in the blues
i move like a criminal, smooth
that can walk on the moon
they waiting for me to pop like bubble gum or balloons

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