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Jid - Sugar Water MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

what happens to a dream, infer, make the connection
they say that hip~hop needed to be resurrected
well here's my best effort, b~tch here comes the resurrection
resurrected like that, i'mma make this sh~t [?}
get high jump over the moon and [?] gimme some room
i think i'm finna get in the zone listening to tunes
while my n~gga stay up floating, fly like a balloon
and the weird pants sagging, appearance of a goon
then again, they fit, can't just bag 'em when your sh~t cost a grip
and i can't lose grip just like a fumble or a slip
tryna be stuck in the game, locksmith, and your girl's a [?]
so wonder where have [?]] make~believe rules, number 5 on this d~ck
on some funny sh~t, i'm tryna make it like really make it
take a bath in my cash like is he really naked?
but i'm just sayin'

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