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Jid - Rocks MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[from snippet]

[intro: jid]
i arrived last night in j-pan, tokyo airport
superman captain

[verse 1: jid]
…drops negative, five yard tackle
i'm not you b-st-rds
i grew too fast and i knew my daddy
i roll my fatty and zone now
i'm on the phone with a shone who tell me pull my bone out
i'm coming home now, i'm really on now

[chorus: jid & isaiah rashad]
i need everything, i need everything (superman captain)
i need everything, i need everything (what's that mean, everything)
i need everything (isaiah), i need everything
i need everything, i need everything (hey)

[verse 2: isaiah rashad]
i put myself before these hoes, i gotta a couple of kids
i left it wet for your n-gga, with a slap on the wrist
i'm from the motherf-cking south, put the pipe in her throat
since my little brother told me hold it down, i spread out the dough
i'm on this cl!cker, you ain't sh-t yet, you look like b-tches to me
they aim my holdout, if i go, it's just a mission to me
you want it back, i brought it back, whole dough get lost in the keys
like in the day, i tip a m…

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