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Lirik Lagu

lyrics from live performance

[part i]

[intro: the last poets]
radar, sonar, laser beams
jets, tanks, submarines
megathons, h~bombs, napalm, ga—

[verse 1]
i got the sh~t you would light with a lighter
f~ck a lighter, i could light on the stove
dark at night, i'll drop a log on the fire
wander in the woods out in the cold
i got the sh~t you could play for your mama
i got the sh~t you could play for the hoes
i got the sh~t you could sell to the trappers
in decatur with the ‘k and the colt
i know some rappers that—how i'ma say this?
i know some rappers that pay but broke
lotta money but you played your soul
you played yourself, you played the role
i know some n~ggas from down the street
some of my n~ggas been down the road
lost a n~gga that was down with me
you know what they say, it rains, it pours
woah, woah, woah, uh
it rains, it pours
yeah, okay, okay, chill, woah
it rains, it pours
uh, look, okay
it rains, it pours

[verse 2]
they got the sh~t they could pull out
i know it could blow out a back, yeah
they got the [cure to the vaxx?]
facts, you know where it's at
they put the money, the crack in a sack
they got the axis, they got the atlas, they got the maps
i got a real real real bad b~tch
i just told her to come to the back (oh man)
they got the people in office
them crackers that had us in chains
they make the laws, they goin' hard
dang, they just started a gang
how you gon' win in a losable game?
make a change, man, n~ggas say the same thing
every day, complain and the sun shine
and the cloud rain, but won't lift a finger
in the danger, n~ggas been endangered
been indentured, now my n~ggas got business ventures
with my ‘9, i'm like ten avengers
snap a finger, i could end adventures
rapper? singer? no, k!ller, n~gga
you a copper, you a n~gga k!ller
it rains, it pours
it rains, it pours
it rains, it, okay, okay
it rains, it pours
that verse, let's try it
it rains, it pours

[part ii]

man, they won't understand, man
and, man, they won't understand, man
and, man, they won't understand
i live in harmony and peace
and the sun will once again rise up in the east

somebody told me when i was small
that the pride comin' right before the fall
god son died for us all
so for mine, i'm running through a wall
lost a battle, it's still a war
i'ma steal the cattle, then burn the farm
we could travel but the journey long
i prefer we get a lil' murder on
drop the top on your convertible
how we feelin' should concern you
we been speakin' but ain't never been heard
so now we screamin' at you word~for~word
everything a n~gga learned gotta burn
my lil' n~gga in a he~rs~, i was hurt
f~ck a rap and f~ck a verse, i could blur ['em/it?]
tryna see how many urns i could earn
are you really—
you feel me?
alright, thank you

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