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Jid - Purple Paradise MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: doctur dot]
n-ggas ask me how i'm living, i tell 'em to ask my ancestors

[chorus: doctur dot]
introduce that man, left lane lining
dead brain shawty
spirits bounce they head at the back of the party
left lane lining
dead brain shawty
spirits bounce they heads in the back of the party

[verse 1: doctur dot]
okay, my man you still boulevard, i avenue, zone who?
i'm off the southern coast of france reading [?]
ocean views, paper in the morning with my orange juice
stick that nasty language to her she becoming foreign too
i solo, i need a mil' to hold 'em up like like some pyramid doors and i mean seriously –
hold up, hold up, bruh
p-ssy started drippin' like a mango when i bit that
and i got that hammer times a hunnid whoever you been with

purple paradise baby, take the panties off that grape soda and put your face in those [?]
the face of god is seen clearly, better keep your distance
set your expectations

[verse 2: johnny venus]
my dna contains some strains of everything
everybody's fingerprints, all the blood is in my veins
i could beat you running backwards ain't n0body in my lane
i'ma keep keepin' on 'till the beacon shone
french gl-ss dope [?]
tappin' on the p-ssy i'ma bash it in
and get some practice in
uh i'm uh fearless, rockin' some weird sh-t i ain't famous enough to wear yet, it's duly noted
then i started with a problem, then i turned it to an opportunity
look at me when i'm talking to you, son, please
you don't like me when i'm silent you gon' hate me when i speak so it's best you keep your distance and investigate your seat
learn to take advantage of my circle stances
today you're standing, tomorrow vanished

[verse 3: stillz]
big [?], big pockets, big bank, bent wallets
been had it, you just got it, henny mixed with my hypnotic
6'4, hydraulics, you p-ssy n-ggas want no problems
no gold t–th just gold pradas
we drive phantom, ghost riders
ghost riders, we drive phantom, ghost riders
[?] back and they profile us, cut the cheque they wan' co-sign us
so fly we need co-pilots, not freestylin' i'm co-stylin'
this hard work meets mo' talent
we the best n-gga, no khaled
gift-wrapped, my flow should come gift-wrapped
no roadblocks, no setbacks, my moral cleared, my meds had
that og be my jetpack, my wrist cost about ten stacks, she looks good but her friends wack
all black and them rims match
homicide i k!ll tracks, bet you b-tches gon' feel that
it's so real she real [?] and she realise this real's back
n-gga, pressy

purple paradise baby
purple paradise baby
purple paradise baby

[verse 4: j.i.d]
my d-ck so polite it stand up and let lil shawty have a seat, a-sit down leave the workin' to me
i fulfil her needs and leave when i am ready, but pay me my couple g's, dope d-ck delivery incorporated
you see, that's a side-job i been up on my crime mob, fly boy pouring sean don on a b-tch, huh pause
and listen to these n-ggas best i k!ll 'em with some side bars
besides, y'all know i been kickin' sh-t inside your ipods
takin' food off they plate, they losin' weight, n-ggas checkin' they thyroids, examination, on this shaky slate
i just got my style on, poker face, kobe face
after this shot is shot, in your face, pick your lip up
then-then-then i tell the squad to pick a brick up i don't get my hands dirty i quit that at 12:30
i can give you my man number who serve all the birds, he just keep the 45 but he worth the customer's service
my paradise is purple

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