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Jid - Pro Verbs MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

be you
you focus on one, you'll never be two
and then number two, most n-gg-s see through
but now that i think, that's probably number three too
huh, yeah

[verse 1]
y'all want that real sh-t back, then please say so
you n-gg-s got it manti teo'd
on the eighth show
i'm walking 'round with the eighth tryna f-ck jhene aiko
however you say the name
i cream that p-ssy like a bagel
you know how the play goes
stunt a little then lay low
names, never say those
your girl in giuseppes on quavo
dancing on top of tables
i'm finna pick six like 22 with son tadoe
i hop in her whip, she b-mping gucci mane and zaytoven
she get in mines i'm b-mping beethoven
its to the crib ain't gotta say nothing
i send her back to ya
blood drained, j.i.d. and yes the “d” for dracula
crack her back play the sax, call satchmo
he ain't gon' react
just relax bro, it ain't for a show
i'm just waterin' my lawn 'cause i turn on the hose

rule number one: be you
you focus on one, you'll never be two
and then number two, most n-gg-s see through
but now that i think, that's probably number three too

[verse 2]
and then number four is like pour d'ousse d'ousse
now this the wrong book, i'm looking at the wrong rules
cause then number five says “purchase a coupe”
all black no shoes, then t-top the roof
and then get your windows and doors bulletproof
so the shots can't come in
but then we spray out the roof
dog n-gg-s like “roof” at your b-tch like a wolf
or a pack of spill-n-gg-s, government my own troops
give me some of that gil-scott, b-tch turn on the loops
motherf-ck your drums, i'm finna spit it to the flutes
talk around my city, just point him out who got the juice
couldn't quote my sh-t, you'll probably break a f-cking tooth
you're talking about richter scale, i earthquake the f-cking booth
i shake it 'till its f-cking loose, so f-ck a rapper, f-ck a cougar
put my d-ck like right into her
f-ck a mattress, f-ck theatrics
unless your -ss is an actor
then fools need to be captured
i'm the master, i'm the m-ssa'
and they wanna -ss-ssinate me
why they wanna hate me?
i just need a cure for these rap bar rabies
and a beijing b-tch to come m-ssage then rape me
xvid tape me
taste these kids then i'm on back to my day scheme
you living single like regin and queen la
i'm prolly coaching your team, i'm j.i.d, joepa
my d.c. girl tell me she love sosa
put her hair in a pin, bang bang in o-block
shots rang, cops came, n-gg- no sir
arrividerci and bonsoir

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