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Jid - Coordinate MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

lyrics from snippet

check, okay, what?
yeah, new sh~t
christo made the beat

[verse 1]
i'm top five, pop the glock two times and i'll be top three
i dare a n~gga try and stop me, keep a carbon for the copies
it's a army right beside me, they in arm's reach
brothers who form bonds over wins and defeat
what's beef? heard they found somebody hidin' 'bout the creek
had to identify the body by the tee, no apologies
consolidate the evidence, corroborate the stories
it's a witness, that's your boy, givin' it up like god
to all praise be the glory, [masters?] don't respond
what's a yeti to a yorkie? spaghetti on a fork
while i'm playin', smokin' awful in a porsche like a forcefield
this the lord's will
i'm just here to make the green like chlorophyll
get a v~g~n~ in virginia out my port smell
i be lit, i be lifted like the forklift, unfortunate
i resort to fortnite~type violence
tell a n~gga, “walk with all the bullsh~t
send me your coordinate,” yeah
check, look

[verse 2]
i got to ball with n~ggas i was on them benches with
i got the call sayin', “jid, you really k!llin' sh~t”
i'm not a frog, bodyguard how i kick this sh~t
i'm not as tall, your b~tch could tell you where my inches went
i'm not in [?] talkin' 'bout some sentences
only sentence i f~ck with come with commas, periods
give me some commas, on my mama, i'll build a pyramid
add it to xl radio, i guess he serious
on some serious sh~t, who else you really bang with?
i came with the game, flame changed, big jiddy kane sh~t
cold flow exposed, your ho tundra plain
f~ck you sayin'? boy, that still, still stank
k!lled, k!lled, k!lled them spill~ville children
sh~t, i made a million off of rap but i remember eatin' scr~ps
sittin' on my granny lap, crazy baby with the daps
i trapped fire in a capsule then i packed it in my satchel for the cold nights
a ghost from my old life
crept into my home at like four at night
tapped me on my shoulder […] i turned her over

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