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Jhene Aiko - Triggered Remix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: jhené aiko]
go figure
you were the trigger
you brought me to an obstructed view
when you knew the picture was bigger
who am i kiddin'?
knew from the beginning
you'd ruin everything, you do it every time
you are my enemy, you are no friend of mind, muhf-cker

[chorus: jhené aiko]
you muhf-ckin' right
you muhf-ckin' right, i'm bitter
you muhf-ckin' right, i'm triggered
you muhf-ckin' right, i…

[verse 2: jhené aiko]
wanna f-ck you right now
i just turned the lights out now
and you know when the sun go down
that's when it would all go down
been a minute, been a while
ain't let n0body hit it since you hit it
you know you always know what to do wit' it
but ain't no me and you without you in it
d-mn, i'm 'bout to burn this b-tch down
i think i need to lie down
'cause i'm not tryna wild out now
but right now
don't know what i'm capable of

[verse 3: jhené aiko]
might f-ck around and go crazy on cuz
might f-ck around, have to pay me in blood
this ain't the way that you want it
might catch a case in this b-tch
don't let me catch you face-to-face in this b-tch
tryin' my hardest not to disrespect you
after what you did, man, what you expected?
you muhf-cker

[verse 4: 21 savage]
i was triggered when i seen you with that scrub (on god)
he can't handle you, you know you need a thug (straight up)
they said never wife a woman that you meet inside a club
but i slept with half the club, baby who am i to judge?
i went against the world when they changed you (21)
i was ready to go to war when it pertain to you (on god)
how you leave a real n-gga for a lame dude? (straight up)
i did things with that p-ssy that he can't do (on god)
the way i l!ck it, the way i used to hit it
sucking on that cl-t so long i left a hickey
made her cut a hole in her vickies for the quickies
then she hit a p-wn shop to buy me all the bl!ckies
thinking 'bout the faces that you made when i would hit it
that you prolly making with another n-gga, got me trippin' (21)
man, you got me triggered, got me in my feelings
if i see him now, up this b-tch and get to cl!ckin' (21)

[verse 5: summer walker & jhené aiko]
first thing that i gotta do, i gotta go remove my tattoos
i gotta get up out of this place
i, i can't stand to look at your face
i know that i always get big mad
i cannot believe i did that
n0body gets me so fired up
n0body gets me so fired up
i tried little 'till i thought i died inside
i, i want to take it easy on me
'cause when i get mad i get big mad
shoulda never did that, get back
'bout to feel the wrath of a menace
in my bag, in my feelings
i'm a bad little b-tch, you know

[outro: jhené aiko]
i'm triggered, when i see your face (oh)
triggered, when i hear your name (oh)
triggered, i am not okay (oh)
you need to stay out my way
i'm triggered, when i see your face
triggered (oh), when i hear your name (oh, oh)
triggered, i am not okay (yeah)
you need to stay out of my way (mm)
you need to stay out of my way (yeah)
you need to stay out of my way, yeah
oh oh-oh-oh, ayy, yeah

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