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Jhene Aiko - Mirrors Remix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: jhene aiko]
if i'm your reflection
then baby you must be an angel
cause when the light, hits you just right
one could mistake you for a star
that is exactly what you are..
better to consider, all, of the good things
a glimpse in the mirror, to make sure you are still there

but then the night takes over
and you are no where to be found
your face in broken pieces
don't you look down, don't you look down..
ashamed i couldn't see this, coming around..

[verse 2: odny]
i see you watching me through the mirror
but your vision doesn't seem clear
i can wash away your fear, if you promise me to be near (near)
the light hit you just right, i'll be here bright like a star
that's exactly what you are, just don't lose yourself when you far
tears dropping look what you've done
looking for someone, there's none
looking back into the mirror
find that one person, that's you
in the dark, living just you (just you, you, you)
i can tell now that you scared, with the past you can't compare
hope the next time you prepare
cause it's like you're losing yourself
but you finally made it this far, cause your reflection can tell
(tell, tell, tell, tell)
your reflection can tell, but you can never be clear
cause all you see is tears

[verse 3: jhene aiko]
you're my reflection
so tell me why can't you be more clear
what's up with all these tears
can't be regretting, all that you've done
and have undone, that sh-t don't matter here
what's up with all your fears

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