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Jack Harlow - My Day MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

red leather, yellow leather
it's mr. harlow, goin' in on another track
yeah, uh

so ambitious, man, rappers can't compete with me
go ahead, admit it, 'cause i do it so easily
frequently, you be seein' me k!llin' tracks
takin' up the lead, so i'm never in the back
yeah, man you gotta give me props
i've been stayin' on the path, not makin' any stops
only thirteen, but i'm all about my business
not much dough, i don't make a lot of biscuits
yeah, but i don't need the greenbacks
i'm just tryna make music, get a little feedback
leave tracks in the mud of hip~hop history
try to make it big, 'cause i got the energy
yeah, and it's my turn now
spittin' fire on the track, 'til i make it burn down
y'all need to learn how to do it the right way
wakin' up in the morning like this is my day

yeah, this is my day
this is mr. harlow's day
anyway, thanks for listening

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