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Hnata - Lost Feat Noni MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i get so…

lost in my head at night
just thinking of you
no hesitations
so then who's gonna move?
maybe you'll realize it
one day you'll think about it
lost in my head at times
just thinking 'bout you

gotta get my head on right
i can't be too careless
i've been up all night (yeah)
now i can't get reckless

i've been playing
way too many games
i'm wasting my time (godd~mn)
but she drowning out my senses
maybe my love's a crime?

finding out if i
have the heart
to care for you
and what if i
f~ck it up
just like i would
don't try to tell me
this time's gonna be
any different

yeah, cause' i get

lost in my head at night
just thinking of you
no hesitations
so then who's gonna move?
maybe you'll realize it
one day you'll think about it
lost in my head at times
just thinking 'bout you

my nights just can't
get any better than this
i painted all my thoughts
and wishes only
i could understand
a fate that i hadn't plan

and now you're on my mind
got me overthinking
all the time
can anybody come and tell me
make sure i'm doing right?
(and she's got)
chuck highs and a smile
she's the one i want
can't describe her man
it goes on and on (on and on!)
got class like
(yah, you from itaewon?)
made me tt
but you ain't im nayeon

did i forget to mention
i had too many chances
what's with all of my questions?
my mistakes called it fashion

(bring it back)
making sure i'm not that cynical
maybe my words aren't original
if she thought wrong, then it's criminal
but it's alright
i don't mind

ah, i never wanted you
to hesitate, because you do
(all i wanna do)
(is to be with you)
look me in the eyes
and tell me that you want it too
baby, enough with all the frontin
cause i know
your words, they mean nothing
we could take it slow
and if you need to know
i'll roll the dice
and take our chances

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