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Gucci Mane - Walkin Lick MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

80 grand in my robin jeans
its hot outside but im coolin it
top on now but im losing it
mind gone with a foreign chick
with a tech nine with a cooln kit
got the back jeans with the wings on
gucci shoes no shoes strings
say every mean two things
so the white girl is my boo thing
it all come time
im in the drop head at the blue flame
and i dont want to see no new face
cause i dont like to learn new names
i go to sleep in foreign place
wake up count big faces
stuff cash in suite case
pillow face im two faced
im walking l!ck im talking brick talking sh-t (repeat 8x)
millionaire with tru's
im in my stash house with the shoes on
put a million dollars in my new home
put a quarter million in my trap house
put a half mill in ya bank account
make ya serve dope in my zone
cookin up work with them golves on
so these junkies can get they grumb on
im og with the capital letters
on capitol ave with white letters
in a 68′ camora no top on but im put together
i got salt and pepper no spenderella
stupid that mozzarella
bust them open put them back together
then sell it to ya a half of chicken
im walking l!ck im talking brick talking sh-t (repeat 8x)
i heard a price tag on my head
im a walking l!ck
n-gga come in try you gon end up dead b-tch
100 roadk!ll my n-gga so forreal
20 minutes from my hood
i dont need a hourse on the hill
reaching for my tech
ya mama betta write your will
sh-t gonna under my youngins pop bout two pills
real n-gga before and with this record deal
me and gucci mane
b-tch we hard ta k!ll
im walking l!ck im talking brick talking sh-t (repeat 8x)

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