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Gucci Mane - The Game Diss MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

this n-gg- game definition of a rap n-gg-
i'm not a lover or a fighter, i'm a trap n-gg-
on twitter talking about you want to scr-p n-gg-
well i'll knock you out and drag you to the trap n-gg-
the real deal holyfield cte killer
and i can't lie i done robbed a lot of cali n-gg-s
i know some real og's in l.a. n-gg-
last time i checked i was the sh-t in the bay n-gg-
a sacramento n-gg- used to send the dope to me
humble county kush my plug sent the smoke to me
ceo gucci, eazy-e my idol n-gg-
i heard your brother is a gangster, he not your brother n-gg-

the realest n-gg- in the rap game, hands down
you showing your -ss n-gg- yeah you got your pants down
i'm talking m's now not hundred grands now
i'll take your life and you'll never meet your grandchild
if you ever had a plug n-gg- stand up
if a n-gg- tried to rob you n-gg- man up
you ever ran off just to run your bands up
you ever went broke d-mn f-ck the lights cut
these n-gg-s would suck a n-gg- d-ck to make a hit record
i'll never d-ck ride that's why i'm a legend
i never snitched now time not even sixty seconds
got so much street cred that these n-gg-s disrespected

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